Information Policy

The information we hold includes:

  • Name
    Email/website address
    Telephone numbers (mobile/land lines)
    Accounting information (Bank details, invoices, estimates, tender proposals etc.)
    Website cookies
    IP Addresses
    Router Information
    Domain Registration

We do not hold any information on anyone under the age of eighteen. We only retain information in relation to our legitimate business purposes. The ICO describe this as:

There are three elements to the legitimate interest’s basis. It helps to think of this as a three-part test. You need to:
• identify a legitimate interest;
• show that the processing is necessary to achieve it; and
• balance it against the individual’s interests, rights and freedoms.
(ICO, May 2018)

We have undertaken a Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA). All contacts begin with the customer contacting us for information in relation to one of our services. Collecting, processing and storing of data is necessary in order to complete the transactions requested, there is not a less intrusive way to do this, and data is only used in ways that customers would reasonably expect. We use data/information in an ethical way, for legitimate reasons, such as tenders and contracts, for meeting our legal requirements (such as HMRC legislation), and/or in order to benefit our customers.

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