Business telecommunications is no longer just about a telephone line, it includes Internet Connectivity, Email, Calendar, Mobile Phones, Social Media... How would your business manage if one ceased to work?

phone iconJust think about these...

  • you pick up the phone to call a customer who hasn't paid their invoice on time.
  • you pick up the phone to call a colleague in another office.
  • you go online to purchase stationary.
  • you go online to file your company tax return
  • you send a tweet to all your followers to tell them about an exciting offer
  • you get an email confirming a major game changing order... you get the idea?

How would your business manage without these running smoothly nor costing the earth? That's where IT Kept Simple can help!

What do we offer?
Why use IT Kept Simple?
  • Our line rental is only £13.49.
  • When we say unlimited broadband, we mean it! NO fair usage, No traffic shaping.1
  • Free router on both ADSL and FTTC connection.2
  • BT Openreach maintain the physical line, but if you have a problem you deal with us! We liase with Openreach regarding faults.3
  • Hosted VolP includes up to 5000 free 01,02,03 and 07 minutes, per user, per month.

Click on the links above to find out more information about each service and get closer to saving time, money and bringing those bills under control.

Our Code of Practice and Complainst Procedure can be found her

All prices quoted are excluding VAT unless otherwise stated.

1Traffic shaping can, occasionally be introduced by the supplier, however we do not have any control over this. 2An activation/migration fee must be paid to contribute towards the cost we are charged from BT Wholesale in order to move the account. A 36 Month Contract Applies and Line Rental must also be taken with IT Kept Simple 3We are able to offer TalkTalk Business telephone lines, if this is preferred.