At IT Kept Simple we are committed to supplying our customers with not only good value phone solutions, but ensuring that our low cost call pricing and services are as clear and transparent as possible. Our industry is filled with gimmicks, catches, small print and commitments. We prefer to offer a simplistic view of telecoms with to the point phone call charges and fully itemised billing.

The majority of our customers do make remarkable savings compared to their existing suppliers, and if you are not completely satisfied we provide you with the flexibility of minimal contract periods.

Per Second Billing

 Per Second Billing

Unlike some of our competitors we will only bill you for the time you spend on the call.

This is done by billing on a per second basis rather than rounding calls to the nearest whole minute.

It is one of many ways we want to ensure our billing is as clear and simple as possible.

no minimum charge

 No Minimum Charge

In June 2012 the average call length of our business customer call minutes was just over 2 minutes.

By not paying a minimum call charge you can easily save up to 35% on your phone bill before you consider the saving on our low call costs.

If a call lasts 10 seconds, you are billed for 10 seconds

itemised bill

 Free Fully Itemised Billing

All your phone calls are logged in our itemised billing pages accessible through the control panel.

We show you all calls made, not just those that exceed a certain call spend. These are updated every 24 hours.

Graphical statistics and call interrogation software are also supplied as standard.

no minimum spend

 No Minimum Call Spend

We do not force any of our customers to reach minimum call committments.

This means that both residential and business talk customers can benefit from our low cost calls no matter how large or small your phone bill is.

Businesses may not realise that penalty charges maybe being applied to their bills owing to failed spend commitments, but not with us!

no connection fee

 No Call Connection Fee

With the exception of some calls that attract connection charges, we don't apply connection charges.

This can make a substantial impact to a phone bill when you consider BT Retail charge 19 pence1 to make the connection.

tier 1 carriers

 Tier 1 Carriers

No compromises are made to the quality of calls.

All calls are connected via Tier 1 carriers ensuring that no matter where your end user dials in the world, the call is of high quality and reliable.

The call quality will be to the same standard as you receive from other large telecom providers in the UK.

 What are the savings you could make?

Number BT Business 1 IT Kept Simple Ltd 2  TalkTalk Business1
 01,02,03 5p for first minute then up to 50p for the first hour, then 5p thereafter plus 5p Connection 1.5p per minute NO Connection 5.5p per minute plus 6p Connection

 Access Charge
087, 084, 09 & 118

5p per minute plus 5p Connection 9.69p per minute NO Connection 7.5p per minute
Mobiles up to 22.2p per minute plus 10p Connection 7p per minute NO Connection up to 16p per minute plus 8p Connection
Line Rental £18.10 £13.49 £14.50

1 BT and TalkTalk Call Charges correct at 5th August 2016, Line Rental based on 12 month minimum term
2 IT Kept Simple prices are when telecoms and IT Support are both taken

All prices quoted are excluding VAT unless otherwise stated