Office Relocations

Let's relocate..

IT Kept Simple can take the stress and pain out of an office relocation, whether it's just a shuffle around in the office or a complete change of premises, we can organise the removal, safe transit, installation and reconfigure all equipment and furniture.

We know how important it is to have everything working by the time that employees are due back at work, thats why we'll sit down with you before the move, discuss timescales and make recommendations surrounding the relocation.

Relocations are tailored to your individual needs, please contact us to arrange a no obligation meeting to allow us to discuss your needs for moving, once agreed we will return to complete a full pre-removal inspection, this allows us to see exactly what will be moved.

On removal day we will complete an inventory detailing the items to be removed and the new location, this helps us to place them in the correct location.

All prices quoted are excluding VAT unless otherwise stated